Land Managers

A message to land managers interested in having ESIMBA design, create, maintain or assist with trails on your land:

First of all, thank you for believing in the value of trails. ESIMBA is a 501c3 chapter of the International Mountain Bicycling Association. Working with us allows you to have the peace of mind that you are asking an established, professional and responsible group to create and maintain your trails.

Trails improve quality of life and livability in a community for both the biking and non-biking members, and can attract significant tourism dollars. IMBA has developed best practices for creating sustainable, environmentally responsible and rewarding trails.

IMBA’s chapter program is designed to broaden IMBA’s reach to places like your land, so that local people are trained according to IMBA’s vast knowledge and experience in trail building.

Our ultimate goal is to earn the trust of land managers just as other IMBA chapters have around the country. We know that if you value your relationship with ESIMBA you will feel comfortable hosting trails on your land and recommend our programs to other land managers.

We also work with other non-profits such as the Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts and church groups to ensure the trails are well built and well-maintained.

If you are a land manager in our territory and would like to discuss the potential for trails on your land, please e-mail our President, Tres Denk, at or our Vice-President, Jeff Dean, at

And thank you!